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Do more with your photos -  sketch like a pro with SketchMatrix for Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me, and 98SE

The ultimate software tool for creating detailed sketch art from a photo or an image


get results that look like work done by a  professional artist - in detail, quality, and overall realism

*not your average sketch filter as found in some popular image editors - be prepared to be amazed!

define and customize various aspects of a sketch - Outline, Features, Shading, Detail, and more...or choose the simplicity of preset styles to create a sketch with just a click

define the perspective through 8-way positional bias controls

sketch in black & white, or in actual colors matching the palette of source image or scene

create sketch art based on a photo/ image, or a live scene acquired through digital camera

based on Neuraltek's proprietary neural net filters - produce line work and detail that closely mimic the the natural touch of a professional artist

more control - vary red, green, and blue glaze settings, focus, intensity, luminance, and realism controls to create interesting effects for your sketches

WYSIWYG preview mode for all interactive controls - mix and match to create your own custom styles, then use the saved styles to create sketches from other images with a single mouse click

create instant sketches with the click of a mouse by using included preset styles

crop and resize images before or after applying sketch effects - neuraltek optimized enlargements up to 350% of original size

edit any part of the generated sketch manually through a contextual paint brush

wysiwyg print preview mode - define margins, centering, etc before printing

different license types to suit any budget requirement

full documentation with step-by-step walkthroughs/ tutorial,  printable pdf manual, & instant sketch wizard

Sample Sketch Art produced with SketchMatrix

Sample photo images Colourized with BlackMagic 

Another innovative product by NeuralTek originality . quality . reliability

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Do much, much more with your photographs - welcome to SketchMatrix!

You now have access to a software that could instantly transform you into an artist. Amaze your family and friends with your 'hidden' talent - your memorable photographs can now be transformed into nothing short of original masterpieces. That's the power of SketchMatrix... the ultimate tool for creating professional quality sketch art from a photo or an image.

Using SketchMatrix is very simple, and yet, the results look amazingly professional and realistic - in detail as well as quality. While a simple sketch can be produced in seconds with just a few mouse clicks, extensive configurability is provided for greater control and creating your own unique style. More than mere sketches, you will be able create interesting and very original art.

This is not your average sketch filter as available in some popular image editors. With SketchMatrix, you can define and customize various aspects of a sketch drawing such as Outline, Features, Shading, Detail, etc. Eight-way positional bias controls are provided to further vary each of these parameters. Amount and detail for each of the attributes can be varied independently, to create the mix that looks just right.

Create sketch art in black & white, or in actual colors matching the source image. Either way, Neuraltek's proprietary neural net controlled dynamic parameterisation ensures that the line work and detail mimic the variability and artistic touch of an expert artist.

Further customisation can be done by varying red, green, and blue glaze, focus, intensity, luminance, and a realism control to breath life into your sketches.

All effects are applied in real time WYSIWYG preview mode. Users can save their custom settings as a unique sketch style, that can then be applied to create other sketches without having to redefine the parameters.

technology brief

Traditionally,  computer generated sketches have been skimpy on detail, often resembling a poor distorted print of the original image. Computer algorithms generally work to a set script, treating all input to the same formula. In contrast, art done by a professional artist has the touch of class that comes from the 'human' ability to introduce subtle variations, randomness, and dynamism into the work. To overcome the static nature of computer generated art, Neuraltek has developed filters that try and mimic the humanness aspect of art. We call this Dynamic Parameter Paradigm. These filters depict an ability to simulate real world variability and subtleness of art. First introduced in the much applauded RealLifeColour technology, DPP changed the way colorization was perceived by critiques the world over, and spawned products such as BlackMagic Color (for photo colourisation) and Timebrush Film Colourization Studio. SketchMatrix inherits from this lineage, providing an unprecedented degree of realism for computer generated art. This is hopefully reflected in the sample results shown above.

developed by artists, for artists

Technology by itself can never be a panacea; it requires human ingenuity and experience to become useful. Neuraltek has a legacy of technological innovation since 1992, and clearly understands this. Every new technology developed at Neuraltek receives a generous dose of human nurturing by specific domain experts; only then it's considered fit for release as a product. SketchMatrix is no exception - all controls and parameters have been carefully designed in consultation with a team of artists so as to be intuitively simple to use, and to work in natural real worldly fashion.

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Content, trademarks/ logos, NeuralTek [ABN27064583633], unless otherwise noted; items not owned by NeuralTek, and not specifically acknowledged, are the property/ copyright of their rightful owners. Sample images are the property of their rightful owners/ copyright holders. Specifically, Neuraltek does not claim any rights to the original copyrighted material, or its derivative versions. These are presented for critique and demonstration purposes only, as per provisions of "Fair Use" under international and local copyright law.



current Rel 2.1 News: Lite Edition ($19) has been discontinued; Personal Edition now only US$59 (Revised prices - for details please consult the price tables on BUYNOW page)






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