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We welcome inquiries from members of the press, blog owners, product review sites, etc. to review and write about SketchMatrix or other Neuraltek products.

Neuraltek products have consistently received raves from customers, as well as the press. By reviewing these products in editorials and discussions, you could expose your audience to unique and high quality software solutions that are much appreciated by thousands of very satisfied customers in more than 50 countries.

For evaluation keys, support, graphics, content, and any other assistance you might need, please contact by providing full details about yourself/ your publication, and the nature of your intended review. You may also contact by calling +61 408 268762 any day, 9am till 6pm Sydney time (GMT +10 hrs).

The table below references a selection of press reviews, editorials, customer raves, and awards for SketchMatrix.

customer feedback press, reviews and editorials awards and ratings
"...its a fabulous tool. I discovered it through a photography blog while searching for software to enhance my holiday photographs - I had captured some amazing scenery with my new 5mpix digital camera. I ran these through sketchmatrix and created most astounding art effects. I have had some of these printed in large form and framed; result: some very professional looking art - thanks folks, its been a wonderful experience..." - a bank manager, UK

"...I am a portrait artist, and use SketchMatrix to create a basic outline from my subject's photograph, then enhance this by hand to give my personal touch. This allows me to complete a sketch much sooner, and to offer a lower price to my clients..." - a portrait artist NSW, Australia

"...artist's impressions for new township developments is a challenging task. With SketchMatrix, I can use pictures of similar landscapes, then enhance these to create new drawings. I previously used an assortment of CAD software to do this. SketchMatrix makes the job much simpler by providing full control over various aspects of a drawing; I can have just the right amount of line work and shading before reverting to hand drawing - saves me a lot of time and effort..." - an architect, San Francisco, United States

"...I find it (sketchmatrix) very useful in documenting our machinery products. I start off by taking photos of a product from different views, then use Sketchmatrix to create drawings from these with varying degree of detail. These can then be incorporated into the documentation. Having drawings of the product from different view points makes it easier to label different parts and document functional details in an illustrative manner..." - a CAD engineer, IL, United States

We have received lots of rave reviews about SketchMatrix; the ones cited above have been selected to represent different geographic regions and applications. If you would like to contribute your review for possibly posting here, please e-mail with details on how you are using the software, and what you think about it. Please also indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous, or if we can post your contact information as potential reference for new users.

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Members of the press: please contact us for registration keys, graphics, etc., if you would like to review SketchMatrix. We can offer your audience special deals and promotional discounts as a gesture of our appreciation.



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