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To report a problem, or to get help/ support with the program

Please first consult the included documentation. Answers to most questions relating to program features and functionality can be found by consulting the Reference section. A good point to start is to go through the Tutorial section. This will walk you through simple operations with examples, and will provide the foundation to consult the reference items.

If the above does not address your issue, please e-mail with full details regarding your issue - please be detailed in your description, provide any error messages you are receiving, what operating system you are running, etc. Be sure to mark an appropriate subject in your message (such as the program name and two-three words relating to the issue you are writing about) - blank or non-specific subjects will likely result in your mail being rejected by anti-spam filters.

Most support requests are answered within 1-2 business days, often sooner. If you have not heard back from us by the fourth business day, something has gone wrong. In our experience, this is most often due to your inbox/ anti spam filter rejecting messages. Please make sure that you can receive messages from Neuraltek, and that your anti spam setting are adequately set-up. You might need help from your ISP/ System Administrator to do this.

For urgent purchase related issues (such as if you paid but for some reason did not receive the license key, or if you are having problems purchasing a license key), you may call +61 408 268762. Please be considerate and call this number only after exhausting all above avenues, and between 9:00am till 6:00pm [GMT +10 hours], Monday thru Friday.


SketchMatrix is Windows Vista ready  

Why is there only one trial version, while SketchMatrix is available in different flavours? Which program edition does the trial download relate to?

The free trial download is common to all program editions. The trial lets a user test most of the Artist Edition functionality - which automatically includes all features and functions of the lower program editions. To compare features available in each of the program editions, please consult the Feature Comparison Table.

Do I have to download something again after purchasing?

The same program archive you downloaded (trial shareware version) will be enabled (un-locked) after you enter a valid license key. The license key is sent to you via e-mail once your payment has been authorized. This license key "knows" which program edition you purchased, and will 'un-lock' the corresponding functionality. You should however check the web site for new versions/ updates, and if a version later than the one you downloaded before is available, you could download the newer version and install over your existing installation - effectively updating your license.

If I previously trial'ed the program and ran out the entire trial period, can I re-trial a newer program version?

Most newer program versions (updates) re-set the trial; so the answer is yes - we would definitely like you to try any new features/ improvements. The only exception is if an update release does not introduce much over and above the previous release.

What is your policy on Free Updates?

Irrespective of the date of your purchase, or the release/ version you buy, you are entitled to free updates for a whole year from the date of your purchase.

Can I upgrade to a higher program edition?

Absolutely - you can pay the price difference plus a small administration fee to upgrade to a higher edition.

Is there a tutorial or step-by-step guide to getting started using SketchMatrix.

Yes. Please refer to the Tutorial section of the docs included in each program archive.

Where can I find a complete reference of all the tools and functions?

Reference section of the included docs provides a complete reference of tools, palettes, and operations in SketchMatrix.

Do you have a question not addressed above? Please contact and we will reply promptly.


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