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Partner with Neuraltek for unique business opportunities

Neuraltek specializes in building unique, niche software solutions. By partnering with Neuraltek, you can open doors to unique business opportunities for your business, or even as an individual. Consider one or more of the following:

Become an Affiliate Reseller

Earn top commission re-selling Neuraltek software, that virtually sells itself...or earn even more by pre-purchasing licenses in bulk, then on-selling or bundling with OEM products. All you need, is a web-site with a fair volume of visitor traffic [or be willing to build and promote one], or alternately have access to other retail/ distribution means, basic understanding of e-commerce concepts, and be willing to conform with our highest standards of Customer Service.

OEM Bundling Opportunity

Neuraltek products offer an excellent value add as bundled solutions with any digital image product/ service - scanners, printers, image editing software, multimedia bundles and PCs, or even as special event promotional giveaways. We offer very low and attractive bulk license pricing.

Go into Business of your own with Neuraltek solutions

Start a new business, or provide value-add services based around one or more of Neuraltek solutions. For example, several businesses and individuals around the world are providing photo colourization service by utilizing the BlackMagic photo coloring software. For a complete list of Neuraltek solutions, visit the Neuraltek web hub at .

To further explore any of the above opportunities, please contact providing full details about your web-site/ business, and contact information, indicating the nature of your interest/ proposal.

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